State Data


2017-18 Testing Results

Each year the state requires students in grades 3-8 and in their third year in high school to take a state assessment.  The test is administered in March and the results are shared in November.

The state testing data for 2017-18 is in and open to the public.  The link is at MDOE MAARS Public Portal, which will provide a download of all state schools and testing data in ELA, mathematics, and science. A good site tis SchoolDigger, which provides the ability to look at the top ranked schools in Maine based on the test scores.  It is important to look at enrollment and at the Free & Reduced Rank percentages of schools when comparing this data as both have an impact on achievement.

State Testing Morphs Over Time

The state testing has changed over the years.  At the elementary level, the state moved from the Maine Educational Assessment (MEA) to Smarter Balance in 2014-15 and then created eMPower ME a new state assessment administered in 2015-16.   The SAT is the high school state assessment since 2003 with the exception of the 2014-15 school year, when the state changed to the Smarter Balanced Assessment.

As the Bangor Daily News reported on 11/14/18, the state’s average for 2017-18  fell in all three subjects.  Our district scores decreased in both reading and science and stayed about the same in math.

The state assessment scores are one component used in determining student academic achievement.

In late December MDOE is supposed to release the state report card for each district and school.  There is a new format for this report card, which will report out on  four – five categories in grades 3-8 and in grade 11.  There will not be an overall rating of the district or individual schools.

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