Summer & CIA

CIAIt’s summer! While many educators are slowing the pace a bit and maybe picking up a-guilty-pleasure book — rather than educational reading — things over in the curriculum, assessment, & instruction (CIA) world are a heatin’ up.  


What’s Up at MDOE?

Maine Department of Education (MDOE) created a new report for us to complete this year.  It’s called the Comprehensive Needs Assessment / Consolidated Plan (CNA/CP). There is an overarching plan for the district, which spans all PreK-12 grade levels in all buildings, and then each elementary school completes a School-Wide CNA/CP.  The plan for the district was 80 pages when I submitted it. The school plans were 50-60 pages each. We’ve been working on these plans since March and submitted them early on 6/22/18.


And, grants. . . 

Secondly, all grants are due — also to MDOE.  This means I have to report out on the performance of each of Title 1, Title II, Title IV, and Title V, and then I have to create the application for each Title for 18-19. All of that is due on 8/1/18.

bedside books

So, do I have any summer fun?

 Okay, summer in the CIA world is not a down time, but I do have a few pleasure books sitting on my nightstand — Educated, Between Breaths, and Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine .


What do you do for summer fun?

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